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TruContext SaaS

Flat License fee plus number of TCI’s

No Complex Cloud Fees

Amazon-hosted on private instance



Flat License Fee plus number of TCI’s

TruContext Professional Services

Professional Services can be purchased on an as needed basis to refine your datasets


A TCI is an object that is identified within TruContext™ as a Node. This object is an element of a data-set, which is generated by ingesting data through our universal integration adaptor.

Any asset, configuration item, or organizational unit can be considered a TCI, such as:

  • Network elements, IP Addresses and Mac Addresses
    • The most obvious types of TCI’s are devices such as routers, switches, computers, servers, and Internet of Things (IOT) sensors
  • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures “CVE”
    • CVE was launched in 1999 by the MITRE corporation to identify and categorize vulnerabilities in software and firmware. CVE provides a free dictionary for organizations to improve their cybersecurity. MITRE is a nonprofit that operates federally funded research and development centers in the United States.
    • CVE’s identified via your organizations CVE compatible products are ingested via the TruContext Engine’s Universal Integration Adaptor
  • Applications
    • Applications communicate and are vulnerable to attacks. TruContext™ identifies application communications which will allow for rapid analysis of events and predicting outcomes.

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