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Supply Chain

Manage your Supply Chain with Data you Can See and Understand, Using TruContext’s Graph Visualization Technology

Issues and Challenges

Companies around the world rely on efficient and traceable supply chains. Supply and delivery pipelines have hundreds of phases, making management often difficult. A lack of visibility can have various consequences including operational delays, increased customer anxiety, and more. Traditional systems must manually collect data from multiple supply chain partners, requiring significant time and effort. TruContext collates this data instantaneously, providing end-to-end visibility of the supply chain.
Supply Chain

The TruContext™ Solution

TruContext helps companies manage supply chains effectively with real-time analytics. It provides in-depth analysis of supply chain operations including order management, shipment status, and other logistics. Organizations can model their supply chain functions and business processes in real-time, allowing the ability to calculate potential supply outages/delays, shipment status, shifts in consumer buying patters, unpredictable costs for materials, warehousing and freight, quality controls, and risk. Quick identification allows the organization to swiftly address and solve the issue.

Value to Customer

Graph visualization simplifies complex supply chains, reveals patterns, and clarifies large volumes of data in an overall, intelligent picture. Combined with timeline visualization, supply chain specialists can quickly make sense of activity using TruContext. Visium is committed to working with businesses to help them build the interactive tools they need to visualize and manage their supply chains.