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Issues and Challenges

Machine Learning uses analytical and statistical techniques to uncover patterns in data and provide businesses with insightful direction. The results, however, are limited by the quality of raw and translated data.

Detecting a pattern in data can be difficult if data is not translated effectively. To succeed, data should be understandable and categorized appropriately. In our increasingly digitized world, gathering raw data is much less of a problem as opposed to several other challenges. Some of which include the questions of “do I have all the data?” and “how do I collate disparate data into one model?”

Search for threats

The TruContext™ Solution

TruContext offers solutions to many of these machine learning data challenges. Our platform’s capabilities can ingest, process, integrate, and traverse datasets in seconds. This enables us to deliver already connected datasets to ML models – rapidly decreasing time between preparing and modeling data to being able to take action and predict events before they occur.


Value to Customer

Our TruContext platform allows customers to finally See-Their-Data in real time. We can take ML results and immediately provide intuitive views and guidance so that decisions can be made with confidence. This platform frees up analysts and other resources from labor-intensive data conditioning and preparation, to being able to immediately focus on analysis and their mission of securing the enterprise. Imagine, now customers can predict vulnerability paths, exploits, and data exfiltration activities before they even occur.

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