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Risk and Compliance

Utilize TruContext’s Graph and Timeline Visualization to Easily and Quickly Comply with Regulations

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with the assurance that your SBOM is

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Financial and Crypto Crimes Can Be Identified

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Issues and Challenges

Government and Private Sector organizations continue to face sophisticated, malicious cyber-attacks. Most recently, these new and innovative methods of attack are aimed at financial systems and companies’ software SBOM’s – as evidenced by the SolarWinds attack which affected numerous U.S. Federal Agencies as well as private sector companies like Cisco and Microsoft. These entities all face similar challenges with determining root-cause of vulnerabilities hidden in disparate datasets:

  • Scanning too many log files and disparate data sources
  • No real-time applied analytics & visualization of backend data
  • Inability to identify malicious code and malware inserted in open-source software
  • No/Low visibility into vulnerabilities impacting application infrastructure

Enterprise level cyber defense of critical application infrastructure is extremely difficult when operators have limited or no visibility to mission assets. Cyber analysts are required to pull info from many disparate data sources and experience ongoing delays in processing time to identify and analyze a variety of threat vectors. How can these Government Agencies and Private Sector Companies secure their critical Software Bill of Materials?

TruContext™ is a military grade, patented Cyber Threat Intelligence solution that allows organizations to identify SBOM attack vectors in real-time.

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The TruContext™ Solution

There are several regulations businesses must follow to prevent fraud, protect data, and ensure health and safety. Graph visualization tools such as TruContext,  are becoming a critical part of a successful compliance process as well-documented processes are often not sufficient on their own. Graph visualization is the ideal way to bring together, analyze, and understand dispersed data that organizations need to understand in order to successfully comply to certain regulatory standards.

Value to Customer

SBOM (Software Bill of Material) is a formal record containing the details of supply chain relationships of various components used in building software.  These components, including libraries and modules, can be open source or proprietary, free or paid, and the data can be widely available or access-restricted.  TruContext will model this data and allow you to group critical data and processes to easily isolate what software needs to be upgraded into compliance.

Financial data is becoming increasingly more monitored. Banks must have a systematic understanding and approach to where underlying data originates and how it flows through enterprise systems in order to understand their true financial risk.

TruContext will allow you to visually track a transaction from point A to point Z and investigate possible money laundering or other financial crimes.

Bitcoin and crypto movement is one of the hardest transactions to track.  With the use of TruContext you can easily search out and find transaction ID’s from sender to receiver.


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