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Issues and Challenges

Fraud Detection is an expensive and complicated problem. To detect and investigate it effectively, you need to see connections – between people, accounts, transactions, and dates. That means analyzing a lot of data.
The challenge is complicated further by fraudsters’ fast-changing tactics and strategies. As their crimes become more sophisticated, so too must the analyst’s data visualization and fraud detection tool.
Search for threats

The TruContext™ Solution

TruContext is the tool for anti-fraud and detection. It allows users to understand complex sequences of events by providing a graphical image of connected occurences along with a time analysis of those events.
Known vs. Unknown Fraud: TruContext can be used as an investigative tool providing the accurate situational analysis needed for fast go/no-go decisions.

Value to Customer

Visium’s proven technology can save your organization millions in losses to bogus insurance claims by catching fraudsters in real time.

Imagine owning an automotive shop where a suspiciously high level of rear bumper claims is coming from a single small town. When you have the tools to visualize this data it becomes easy to investigate. You will instantly see a trend of possible fraud. With this invaluable information you can start to associate people with vehicles, locations, addresses, and claims.