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Improve Accessibility of your Healthcare Data with TruContext Graphing and Timeline Visualization

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Issues and Challenges

The healthcare industry is inherently complex. It involves several people, processes, and procedures, and is tightly regulated. With all of these moving parts, it can be extremely difficult to see the whole picture.
Information Silos

The TruContext™ Solution

Modern healthcare generates a lot of data – patient records, admissions data, billing data, insurance policies and claims, you name it. TruContext, our data visualization platform, helps healthcare workers make sense of this copious data by transforming it into valuable, useful insight. This results in an improvement of services and patient outcomes.
Using TruContext, disparate healthcare data is assembled into an overall, intelligent picture, allowing systems users (at all levels) to obtain an overview of the patient’s situation. This allows users to make better decisions, faster.

Value to Customer

Using TruContext, your organization can graph the relationship between your patients, their doctors, medication, carriers and more.
A pharmaceutical company may want to understand the relationships between patients and doctors to increase sales of a known drug. Sifting through gigabytes of data to identify relationships would consume all your time. Thanks to TruContext, you can see the relationships instantly.
As another example, imagine if there was a reaction to a certain medication that needed to be traced back to a location, pharmacists, doctor, or a group of patients. In this case, you could quickly isolate and corollate data from each and see the groups affected.

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