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Law Enforcement

Link Criminal Activities to Solve Crimes

Correlate Suspect Data to Crime

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Clear Arrest Cases

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Issues and Challenges

Law enforcement and counter terrorism relies heavily on good data insight. From national information centers and call data records to operational intelligence and case histories, the police have access to a lot of data. The problem is they lack the tools to understand it.
Law enforcement is limited by overwhelming data volumes, organizational silos, and a shortage of trained data analysts. The result? Critical connections are missed, and opportunities to detect, solve and prevent crime are lost.

The TruContext™ Solution

TruContext is the tool to provide law enforcements with the critical connections among objects, locations, people and events necessary to detect and solve crimes. Data visualization, especially link analysis and timeline visualization, helps law enforcement connect the dots in their data and make better decisions, faster. For instance, investigations require finding and proving connections between suspects, events, and crimes. This relies on gathering and understanding data. It is critical for investigators to utilize TruContext to transform raw data into useful and shareable intelligence. This allows them to quickly see patterns and relationships as they develop and eventually solve cases by connecting suspects and events to crimes.

Value to Customer

Graph technology can be utilized to better support the police and other law enforcement officials in solving crime faster. TruContext can also be used for other security and investigative use cases like anti-terrorism, border control, and social services.

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