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Cybersecurity Challenges

An effective cyber analyst needs to understand big, complex data from across their organization. This requires them to know which of the billions of alerts raised each day demand an immediate response and predict fast-evolving threats from unpredictable sources. But how? If they fail, their organization is at risk of malicious attack.

How TruContext™ can Help with Cybersecurity

Our tool provides one intelligent picture to solve all cyber analyst’s biggest challenges. Cybersecurity threat detection requires an ability to integrate and transverse data from multiple data sources in fractions of a second. With TruContext™ cyber security analysts can easily see their data on a timeline and understand the cause and effect of threats to their network.


In the event of a cyber attack, cyber analysts need to see patterns, outliers, and anomalies to identify their threat landscape.

TruContext’s underlying Cygraph technology is deployed within the Army Cyber command and is able to prioritize exposed vulnerabilities in mission-critical assets. In the face of attacks, it correlates intrusion alerts to known vulnerability paths and suggests courses of action. For post-attack forensics, it shows vulnerable paths that warrant deeper inspection for faster event analysis. 

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